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September Promo, Events & Changelogs

Sun, 30 Aug 2015 12:33:03 GMT
Hi eClipse,

Lets all welcome BerMonths!
This is the start of the fun season in eClipse!!

~Launcher Update~
Steps to update launcher:
1.)Download File: CLICK ME
-if prompted to discard please choose "keep"
2.)Extract the downloaded file.
- You should have 5 files namely: Data Folder / Config.zythe / eng.lang / EclipseMU / Version
3.)Paste the extracted files to eClipse folder, choose copy & replace
4.)Run as admin EclipseMu (launcher)
5.)Log-in and play!

~September Promo~
Start: September 01, 2015
End: September 15, 2015
-eCash Ratio 1:7
-Free 10% eGold
-Evolved Muun Pet @ 4,500 eCash
-4th wing +9+1option 15 days duration
(we have removed scrolls in eGold tab for DM preparation)

New Forum Link: CLICK ME
-Please make sure to create an account in our forum for important information & news

~Duel Master Tournament~
Registration Period: 9.1.15 - 9.4.15
Registration Link: CLICK ME
DM Mechanics Link: CLICK ME

~Featured Event For September~
Chaos Castle
-10 winners
1st : (1)3RDWING+13L+1 OPT+3,000eC
2nd : (1)3RDWING+11+L+1 OPT+2,000eC
3rd : (1)3RD WING+11+1 OPT+1,000eC
4th-10th: (1)3RDWING+13+L+500eC
Please check rankings for more details CLICK ME

~New Website Features~
-Castle Siege Module (w/ full guild Profile) CLICK ME
-New image slides
-Fixed & improved rankings

-Game Client Improved
-Files Updated to latest version
-Made special improvements to general settings

Please stay tuned, we will update news & forum on a daily basis.
Thank you very much for the support & loyalty!

All the best & Cheers,

eClipse AdminTeam 2015

All Rights Reserved 2015

DM Mechanics

Sun, 30 Aug 2015 12:18:18 GMT
~~~Duel Master Tournament Mechanics~~~

1st = 1 point deduction
2nd = 3 points deduction
3rd = Disqualification
NOTE: This is a special event, make sure to have best PC & Connection!
-If disconnected participant must be back in 90 seconds.
-Player must automatically go to S1 Lorencia Bar.
-If a player is on s2 punishment of automatic disqualification & 90 days account ban.
-No going to any npc in between matches
-No trading in between matches

Time limit per match:
-30 minutes
NOTE: Face your opponent. This is not a marathon. We are here to duel and fight till death.
-Avoid feature of 5 seconds is allowed, with 90 seconds cool down.
-Hosting Game Master commands during matches must be followed at all times.

Fight Countdown:
Each round there will be a countdown of ready>set>go, on "GO" participants will attack.
Only after "GO" a participant is allowed to attack.

Attacking before GO:
1st = 1 point deduction
2nd = 3 points deduction
3rd = Disqualification

Allowed cash shop items:
1.)Elite healing potion
2.)Elite mana potion
3.)Magic backpack (maximum of 2)
4.)Muun Pets
5.)Seal of Healing
6.)Seal of Divinity
8.)Lucky set
9.)Cherry Blossom Flower
10.)Cherry Blossom Wine
11.)Cherry Blossom Rice Cake
12.)Elite Skeleton Ring

1.) 380 weapon Full options (shall be surrendered on the next tournament)
2.) Gold Pet (shall be surrendered on the next tournament)

1.)4th wing of your choice(no duration - yours forever)
2.)12,000 eCash + 6,000 eGold
3.)eClipse Champion T-Shirt w/ Customized design
4.)A spot in the Hall of fame.

If a participant uses cash shop items not mentioned above,
punishment of automatic disqualification & 90 days account ban.

***If need to have a random decision will be used***
***Hosting Game Master is authorize to give score deduction or disqualification***
***Questioning Game master decision is punishable w/ automatic disqualification & 90 days ban***

All Rights Reserved 2015

DM Registration

Sun, 30 Aug 2015 12:12:53 GMT
Under Construction Under Construction

ETA: 9.1.15

Under Construction Under Construction

New EclipseMu Community Forum

Tue, 11 Aug 2015 07:08:40 GMT
New EclipseMu Community Forum is here

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